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About Us

About Home Chef Herbs

Based in Las Vegas, NV, Home Chef Herbs redefined "garden seeds" on Amazon by creating Culinary Collections of Seeds for "Themed" gardens. Our family-owned company has a family-oriented approach to the products we provide and the service we cater to you.

Our brand has a strong and loyal following of home-chef centered customers who are passionate about their health, the environment, and discovering the latest in good nutrition.

Why do you enjoy cooking? Cooking Fresh

Maybe it’s all of the above. Cooking to us is not just about following recipes, it’s about love. There’s a little something different going on when you put L.O.V.E. into your food.

Home Chef Herbs offers products to help you put that little extra love in your food and nothing freshens up your dish like preparing it with ingredients grown in your own garden.

Discovering great food ideas and the latest in good nutrition is what our voice is all about (see our social media accounts).

Our Mission – It’s All About a Healthy Lifestyle

My name is John Hoff and I’m a co-founder and CEO of Home Chef Herbs and I am obsessed with my health and good nutrition. I also really like to cook and share what I learn!

Our company’s mission is to help home cooks like you to cook fresh and live healthy. We want to share with you the brilliant history of many of our products and exchange ideas to help us all grow and evolve.


Our Philosophy

Serving OthersFood brings people together. It strengthens relationships and can inspire one’s self (and others) to push their minds and develop that creative genius inside them.

Our philosophy then is to serve others. It’s what we home cooks and chefs do, isn’t it?

Ever find yourself cooking a meal and even before it’s finished you already know which piece will be the better cooked or prettier looking serving?

Which serving do you take and which do you serve to that special someone?

That moment right there defines our philosophy and our commitment as a company to you.

How We Got Started & My Personal Mission

FamilyMy brother and co-founder, Tom Hoff (far left), owns a landscape company and is a genius when it comes to garden designs and is the kind of guy who seemingly knows every plant out there. Our mother and father are the kind of people that would blow your mind with their knowledge of gardening (I think my mom gets a new plant in her yard every week).

Then there was me (right), the one in the family with a brown thumb (for awhile that is, I'm better now--see next paragraph).

But like my brother I have a love for cooking with fresh, healthy ingredients and again like him, I too am an entrepreneur. We decided as brothers we’d combine our love of entrepreneurship, cooking, and good nutrition and form Home Chef Herbs (and thus began my study in gardening—no more brown thumb).

My personal mission in life is to make meaningful relationships with people, contribute to the betterment of other people’s lives, and simply to evolve. If you’re interested in personal development and the real deal when it comes to proper nutrition, you can find me right here.

High Quality Products for Home Cooks

Cook with fresh ingredientsOver the years we’ve met, hired, and worked alongside a variety of chefs and home cooks. Some avoid GMOs and MSG completely while others simply do their best to avoid them when possible.

And let’s face it… fresh is always better. So is organic, grass-fed, and GMO-Free.

Years ago I use to work with a chef who drove that notion home every time he’d cook. His name was Andreas and every time he’d put on that white jacket with his name elegantly printed on it he’d shrug his shoulders, raise his hands up some and say…

“Yes, John. But is it fresh?”

Organic Basil

You Can Take Comfort Because We Will…

Go the extra mile to ensure we are serving you the best product we can find.
Keep on top of the health market and adjust to it.
Continue to look ahead of today and bring you our discoveries.
Grow as a company because of our willingness to serve you.

Thank you for visiting Home Chef Herbs™. Together we can create smiles in the kitchen and inspire the creative genius inside all of us.